Welcome to the Simpson Bay ACA Group
(Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families)

In 2022, our meetings are currently via the Zoom app
7:00-8:00p (SXM) and Saturdays 3:00-4:00p (SXM)

This is a great time to join from anywhere in the world!

Until further notice, please join us on Zoom
Mondays 2pm AKST | 3pm PST | 5pm CST | 6pm EST | 7pm SXM
Saturdays 9am AKST | 10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST | 2pm SXM | 7pm CET | 8pm EET | 11:30pm IST

Questions or how to connect via Zoom, please contact Olga
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Daily meetings

AA meets 7 days a week at the Red Cross from 6-7pm
Contact the AA group's website for more information and alternate locations and times.

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What is ACA?

"...During the past 30 years, ACA has evolved into an established program that offers pertinent resources of recovery for adult children from all walks of life across the world. ACA is an international fellowship with about 1,000 meetings in North America, Europe, Asia, and around the world. Adult children are committed to halting the generational nature of family dysfunction for the greater good of the world. We are not evangelizing against poor parenting nor are we policing the parenting of the world; however, we hope ot relieve the suffering brought on by neglectful and abusive homes. We want to join society with our full attention toward making a difference with the help of a Higher Power...."

"...Our fellowship includes members who have been diagnosed with addictions, depression, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various dissociative states. Adult children understand dissociation, codependence, obsession, and compulsion like few others.

Many of our members have literally been fetched back from the gates of hell by this simple but spiritual program known as Adult Children of Alcoholics...."

"...Each day, recovery from the effects of family dysfunction begins somewhere in the world when one adult child sits across from another sharing experience, strength, and hope. We believe that once a recovering adult child meets and shares his or her story with another adult child seeking help, that adult cannot view codependence the same again. This is a potent statement, but our experience shows that it is true...."

"...ACA holds out hope and acceptance to the hurting adult children of the world, who can 'hit a bottom' and reach out for help. Allowing the True Self to emerge in the nurturing atmosphere of ACA is a spiritual experience that awaits any adult child stepping onto the broad highway of ACA recovery."
- 'Welcome to ACA', ACA Fellowship Text

If you identify with the 14 traits of an Adult Child, known as The Laundry List, then ACA can work for you.

For more information and resources about ACA, please visit
Adult Children of Alcoholics, World Service Organization, Inc.